COVID-19 Protective Screens and Signage

Elite Branding are one of Ireland’s leading Sign Company and are now manufacturing Protective Screens and Signage to help businesses get back to work safely.


Acrylic Movable Screen Protector Dividers

These portable acrylic dividers are great for any business that tends to have a large capacity of customers. In pub/restaurant and office settings they can be placed between tables to ensure maximum precaution is taking place. In salons they can be wheeled between clients allowing customers to feel safe within your facility.

As seen on the picture below, we attach caster wheels to these dividers to allow you to move them at ease within your business.

Sneeze/Screen Guards

These Sneeze/Screen Guards are manufactured from plexi-glass. They will provide protection for staff, allowing businesses to get back to work safely and efficiently and helping your customers to feel secure in your environment. We can custom make these protective screen guards to fit any location.

salon reception screen guard
Customized social distancing signage
Social Distancing Signage

These floor, wall and window decal stickers are the perfect addition to getting your business up an running during this Covid-19 pandemic. As seen in the picture below, they clearly outline social distancing rules whilst advertising your business.

We can fit this signage to floors, walls and windows within your facility.

Hand Sanitizing Station

These hand sanitizing stations are portable and light weight, therefore they can be placed anywhere within your business. The holder is manufactured to hold a bottle of hand sanitizer.

These stations can be placed at the entrance and exit to your facility encouraging people to follow strict hand washing guidelines.

Hand Sanitizing Station
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