Event & Exhibition Signage

Get people talking and wow audiences with our unique event signage options. We make wide format backdrops, lightbox displays, popup banners and directional signage.

We will work with you to evaluate your event singage needs. We can help with wide format backdrops, light up signage, directional signage and stands for displays and speakers.

The types of Event Signage we offer:

Most commonly used for small signage areas such as public transport and indoor destination signs. We supply a full range of led lights and signs in a variety of colors. Perfect for atracting people to stands.



Light-boxes are very popular for advertising due to their sleek look and the ability to change the promotion with ease. Light-boxes can be manufactured to be installed indoors , outdoors and in a range of sizes.


Banners can be printed in a range of sizes and are great for all types of indoor / outdoor promoting. They can be free hanging or attached to a display stand depending on your requirements. Banners are easily stored when not in use between events.

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